3AM in Venice Beach

We were so high. October 2015. A honeymoon that was over already.

It was 3 AM in a Bungalow near the main drag. I thought we were having fun but you got pissed because I spilled water on the floor.

The honeymoon began in San Diego, then inland to San Francisco. And then down the PCH. Big Sur, Moreno Beach, Pebble Beach.

I couldn’t believe the life pulsating from the Pacific Coast Highway. I felt the heartbeat of a beaten coastline; choppy, beautiful, risky, winding, extremely unfamiliar, stunning… the kind of imagery you wish you could record in your mind.

We went to Palm Springs and I fell in love with desert hot springs. But nothing like the unbridled love I felt for Venice Beach.

The sun beat down on my shoulders. I never looked better. What was I doing with my life? Back in Venice, I bought more weed and on the second to last night I talked to Andre L. from 3 to 6 AM on Twitter.

Vegas was the last stop on the way back to DC. Vegas made me miss California. Nobody wins in Vegas, but I knew you’d have to find that out for yourself. I took an Ambien to fall asleep. It was 3 AM and you left to blow $400 playing blackjack at the MGM. You said I said to go, but I don’t remember that, not at all. You became quite a night owl around all those flashing lights.

Venice Beach

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