A fairytale ending

When will you catch up?

I gave up on you, and it felt so good

to be free again

Don’t believe I didn’t feel your pain

your pure longing

your desperation

I captured it all

kept it inside of me

like a live photograph

I understood every human bone inside

that kept your black cold heart beating

that kept your calculating mind


but never well enough

at least when it came

to me

if there is anything left

a spot of integrity perhaps

I hope you find it

because there is nothing left

of us

I gave you up like chocolate during lent uncomfortable at first forgettable at last

and when I rise again

the habit will be dead

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Victoria Boyer says:

    My goodness such a delight to read your poetry of your mind.

    1. MB says:

      Thank you, Victoria. It warms my heart to know you read my work.

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