The Podcast You Didn’t Know Existed

Basically, I’m putting myself out there and mixing my worlds. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been podcasting. I have a podcast. Would you listen and if you dare- share your thoughts? Just click: HereForAReason

A quote for Today

‪The people were like days Some you couldn’t stop thinking about others you couldn’t wait to forget‬ 79sparrows

Said you missed the last train

God, it’s great to be back. My other “creative” outlets are just one night stands compared to writing and continuing 79sparrows. I have not been writing for myself or pleasure for years. I have, however, continued writing in plain language at my place of business. In my line of work, I need to be creative…

It’s been a while

You were majestic to watch, climbing out of the trenches. The battles you watched, the wars you attended. Your presence was better than modern medicine. They wait for your attendance. You wait in the bathroom, it’s not about an entrance. Rather, an escape from the confines of your own mind. Outside, the room is buzzing;…

The Long Facebook Fart

Six years ago, I titled this post Why I Went Back to Myspace and Began Tweeting, saved it as a draft, and forgot about it.  Well, guess what, I’m back to somewhat wrap up this piece and let it be great. Facebook is a place i rarely go.  Why?  Because I don’t want to scroll…