If you’re far away This may just work I am in loveWith the distance

Somewhere in the Middle

how much of meis made of machine?unfeelingstill feelingsomethingwhile time runs awaysomewhere in the middlepart of meblursI stayhanging in therestill wonderingwhat it is that’s missingsoon as I wake upI decide to shut down the dayi wish I could choosethe fragments so scatteredto let go or losecause it’s hardto play life by life’s own rulesand impossible to…

The Podcast You Didn’t Know Existed

Basically, I’m putting myself out there and mixing my worlds. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been podcasting. I have a podcast. Would you listen and if you dare- share your thoughts? Just click: HereForAReason

A quote for Today

‪The people were like days Some you couldn’t stop thinking about others you couldn’t wait to forget‬ 79sparrows

It’s been a while

You were majestic to watch, climbing out of the trenches. The battles you watched, the wars you attended. Your presence was better than modern medicine. They wait for your attendance. You wait in the bathroom, it’s not about an entrance. Rather, an escape from the confines of your own mind. Outside, the room is buzzing;…

Listen to  Instrumental Dub

Trying something new Is oh so good for you When I first saw the word “Dub,” I assumed it was related to Dubstep and kind of kept my distance.  Then one fateful day I stumbled upon the Instrumental Dub genre in Pandora and pushed play. According to Wikipedia, who knows everything, Dub is a genre…

The Friendless Man

Back in 2008, I posted my take on the principle “Never Marry a Man Who Has No Friends.”  For those click link commitment phobes:  to sum it all up, men who do not have close bonds with others usually have intimacy issues and lackluster communication habits.  Father Pat Conner, and forget religion here- it’s not…

Pefectly Good

  And now that you don’t have to be perfect, You can be good. -John Steinbeck

Cruising with Dad

Spent the afternoon with my father. His house is as messy as it was before the big clean out last Feb. I don’t know what to say, except, hoarding is a mental disease. I don’t get mad. I do worry a lot. We rode around North Beach in his “pimpmobile” convertible after eating at Plaza…

Photo of the Day

Do you agree? (Created with my photo, edited & lyrics by The Smiths)

Photo freeze frame

Snapped this while riding a bike taxi in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Do you see the person in the background?

“Look, I couldn…

“Look, I couldn’t spend another summer meeting deadlines behind a computer at night when I could be on the rooftop of Le Bain looking for shooting stars and smoking angel dust with my friends and writing a book, which is what I’m doing next.” –Cat Marnell