Photo of the Day

I made this w/ a few good apps and a pic from my vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Quote by: Henry Rollins I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention.   To not be like your parents.  To not be like your friends.  To be yourself.   To cut yourself out of stone. –Rollins Do you agree?

Love Means……

This, I believe. I took this picture while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. Took out some color, left some alone, it’s basically enhanced … Pamela Anderson enhanced. The text “Love Means Going First Class” is my personal motto/mantra. When somebody really loves you, they’ll show it by treating you like royalty. Like only the best….

Art to Break Hearts / 11.9.12

Do you like looking at pictures? I like taking pictures. Enjoy these flashes of my life.  And let me know what you like.  Capiche?

Please join me.

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