The Podcast You Didn’t Know Existed

Basically, I’m putting myself out there and mixing my worlds. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been podcasting. I have a podcast. Would you listen and if you dare- share your thoughts? Just click: HereForAReason


And when I say ‘stimulation,’   I’m not talking about anything sexytimes related. I mean the rush.  Any rush will do. When I was 12, my grandmother gave me a cappucino machine for Christmas.  She lived in Rhode Island so it arrived as a package in the mail.  (exciting)   I’d recently discovered coffee, and it was so…

The Sunday Blues

Tomorrow the work week begins.    It will be Monday, bloody Monday.   I will drive my Jeep onto I-95, the beltway, where one is not safe unless fueled by caffeine or an upper of some sort, to navigate a sleepy mind thru the mad vehicular rush of the morning.  Once at my office building, the guards…

Coffee Grounds are not Recycleable

  An old  email  I sent to my mother about my father’s faux pas of recycling coffee grounds, copy and pasted for your amusement: Subject:  This coffee sucks.  So what is the one thing most people can count on first thing in the morning? That first cup of coffee to mentally prepare themselves for ‘the real…

the Little Things (that count)

It’s a damn shame I’m so hungover today. It’s only 6:30 which unfortunately, already suffers the effects of daylight savings time/winter months. Dark and cold. And then to have the day further shortened by a few drinks last night. It can all be blamed on the beast known as winter..the seasonal hemmoroid every year must…

art to break hearts, 3

I took this with my cell phone (!) on a warm October day while shopping in Georgetown with Jesi. We were walking across the intersection next to Nathan’s (sadly, which has since closed), a place which I have semi-fond memories. The sky was beautiful that day.

Words for summertime lovers

New ads in the paper New clothes to fit September and its withered bloom Well No seasonal coffee tastes as flavorful as a sunny day in June For autumn, comes so readily To steal away the sun so soon.