Casually Classy

CLASHUAL = my jewelry and decor line Here are new item completed this week:

Now for Sale

And you know I do it el cheapo. All this and more for a very reasonable price at CLASHUAL.

Work in Progress

Today I reviewed some of my old poetry here on 79sparrows for possible text to use in mixed media projects.   Mostly, things to encase in resin,  an exciting liquid that allows you to embed or encase almost any object in crystal clear plastic.  Such as this project:  I’m also trying my hand in polymer clay. …

Fall Back

I’m not a huge fan of the seasons where the sun goes down by 5:30pm.  At every summer’s end, I resolve to have a better attitude about Fall/Winter.  It’s just unnatural. The kind folks over at have posted Pantone’s  hip colors for autumn. Not too hateful actually.  I kinda like them. Last night’s work…

Comes with Sarcasm

This handmade bracelet was inspired by my crappy office job. The focal bead is affixed with a vintage graphic of a man sitting at a desk, cheerfully talking on the phone and reads “A phone call will bring reliable help.” Reversible happy/sad face beads accent on either side.   The bracelet clasp is handmade using millifori…