Now for Sale

And you know I do it el cheapo. All this and more for a very reasonable price at CLASHUAL.

Crazy Beads

Lately I’ve been making my own beads out of polymer clay, a fun medium that allows much creativity! I’ve named them “Crazy Beads” since they are quite busy.  If you’d like to see more or are interested in having your own Crazy Bead jewelry, give me a shout out at: CLASHUAL

Work in Progress

Today I reviewed some of my old poetry here on 79sparrows for possible text to use in mixed media projects.   Mostly, things to encase in resin,  an exciting liquid that allows you to embed or encase almost any object in crystal clear plastic.  Such as this project:  I’m also trying my hand in polymer clay. …

New Art

I’ve been working on new projects in the studio.    When I started making jewelry, I bought tons of beads from Michael’s.  Anyone who’s ever shopped at Michael’s knows how easy it is to spend a month’s rent while stopping in for some string.   Also,  I never felt like the end creation was all “mine,” because…