Ten Fabulous Pics Explained 

On any given day, I can fire up the Instagram app and view glimpses of life from all around the world.  Admittedly, some people shouldn’t be allowed to use Instagram because they upload pictures of just about anything, like a group of Chinese tourists in their own lives.  “Cheeseburger at McDonalds!”  “My front door” “My…

Eye Candy

Well, sometimes I don’t have much time to blog. But there’s always enough time to dump a few pics for your viewing enjoyment. Photodump time!!!  Yes, these are my photos. I took them using very advanced photography equipment, this limited edition camera called an “iPhone.” It’s state of the art and hasn’t been released to…

July 16 Love Song

  I don’t sweat, I glisten I didn’t change, I evolved & u didn’t Move like a trajectory packed; stacked memorex memories watch from the balcony the stars in my galaxy & I’m feeling so extraordinary Shooting past the ordinaries  

Miss You, Liz

Navy Pier Snow Globe plays “My Kinda Town” I bought this snow globe 7 years ago when Liz took me to Chicago to visit her family.  Not a day passes that I do not think fondly of my dearest friend.

Word of the Day: “Palatial”

pa·la·tial  •  /pəˈlāSHəl/ Adjective:  Resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid. Synonyms:  magnificent – sumptuous – splendid – grand – gorgeous EXAMPLE:

Art to Break Hearts / 11.9.12

Do you like looking at pictures? I like taking pictures. Enjoy these flashes of my life.  And let me know what you like.  Capiche?

Please join me.

Making the good into the fabulous is my forte’.  I’m on Instagram/ Webstagram if anyone is interested.  User name:  Marybken.  Let’s be friends and follow each other, win an Instagrammy together, have sex and live happily ever after.   User name: MARYBKEN ADD ME!  I’ll add you.                …

To travel

Tomorrow I leave for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   I can’t wait to be on the plane.   Fall and winter are a force worth fighting; I’m traveling as often as I can afford.  Some random thoughts on travel: My writing is free from the blocks I feel in my normal environment. I drink at hours considered inappropriate whilst…