Parallax : How to use Parallax to your advantage

Language is everything.  Words can push, pull, mediate, infuriate, crush, build name it. Today, a word opened a door.  The door was google, and of course, a definition was born in the hallway of my mind. And there it is.  PARALLAX. The sound of it just floats of my tongue, so fluid.  So, me…

Word of the Day: “Palatial”

pa·la·tial  •  /pəˈlāSHəl/ Adjective:  Resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid. Synonyms:  magnificent – sumptuous – splendid – grand – gorgeous EXAMPLE:


From me to u. You know nobody really escapes anymore, Damn technology. Well, I do. I unplugged that sucker once I crossed the border. My family thought it was unnecessarily bohemian while I prayed for them 😉

New Vocabulary / Slang

Urban Dictionary is a source of endless enlightenment. Here is a grammatically insane selection of terms you may or may not want to drop in your weekend dialogues. The examples used are my personal contributions. JetBlue Balls: When you fly somewhere for a girl and get rejected. Ex: When I was 19, I met a…