Things that give me a headache


1. Xanga’s new “take me to my upgraded page!”  crap that I don’t even get a say in.  Always takes me 5 minutes to find the “take me to my old settings” link that they hide in small print.   Quit it, Xanga execs!!!!   No one likes your new private page look/feature.   It’s just awkward and confusing, cmon if it’s not broken , don’t fix it.   Especially with whatever that is that you guys did.

2.  Bank of America.   The other day,  I receive a bill charging  me $56.00 for a credit card I paid off and cancelled over 2 months ago.   I even called back to clarify the account was closed.  It’s typical douchebag behavior from a company that raised my APR to 33% for a late payment.   I WASH MY HANDS OF YOU, CROOKED FCKS. 

I’m often told I have a nice ‘phone voice.’   It’s one of polite outgoinness.  People at work say “oh use your phone voice when you call ________” whoever it is we’re trying to win over.   But my phone voice took a hike when I called Bank of America.  Plus I was going on 3 hours sleep, so it went  something like this:
BOA representative:   Hello and how can we help you today?
MB:   Yeah I got a charge from you guys on a card I cancelled 2 months ago. 
BOA:   Ok, mam.  Let me see what I can bring up here for your account so we can see what’s going on.
MB:   What’s going on is I don’t want anything to do with you people.  I even confirmed it was finally closed, how can this happen?
BOA:   Ok, mam.  Well what I’m seeing here is you do have a $56 account balance, which was a remainder after you closed you account.  And if you did close your account, usually you’d get something in the mail saying it was closed.
MB:  How am I supposed to know that?  This is exactly why I ended my business with you, after that 33% incident.   When i called the last time I was told everything was finished and the account was closed.  Trust me, I remember that day, because I was so happy.  
BOA:   Ok, mam.  I can close that for you today after payment by check or credit card, and will waive the service charge for today.
MB:  Wow.  thank you.

Credit card companies have gone above and beyond modern day theives.   When is someone in Congress going to stop this insanity?

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