What are five things you hate?


My teacher in sixth grade taught us to refrain from using the term ‘hate;’

so here are 5 things that are safe to say I dislike their actions‘:

1.  People who drive like maniacs first thing in the morning.
     I get a lot of shit for my 9am start time at work.  First off, in my world, 9am is doing pretty damn good.  It’s morning, it’s early, and there’s nothing about my job that is more appealing than a warm bed.  People who commute to work between 6:00-7:00am are an entirely different breed than my 8-9am highway homies.  The other day I made the mistake of going into work instead of trying to get back to sleep.  The NASCAR track that used to be Route 4 was infested with nasty, angry office workers in a rush to sit at their desk for 9 hours.  Geez.  Scary.  Definitly disliked it.

2.  Fights
    Public brawls make the list of “Top 5 Ways to Be Trashy.”  

3.  People who like fights.
    Seriously?   Nothing is more sickening than seeing a group of people get excited to see a trashy public brawl.  

4.  Closed minds

5.  Ryan Seacrest
    I dislike seeing her everytime I pass by a TV. 

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One Comment Add yours

  1. niceBrice says:

    I totally agree, I don’t like fights, and I seriously dislike that Ryan Seacrest chick.

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