Tila Tequila: A Shot of Cheap Rail Liquor


Maybe someone can explain this one to me.

Tila Tequila, a “celebrity” thanks to Myspace, somehow lands an MTV ‘reality’ tv show.   Obviously, at some point, producers at MTV and Tila brainstorm to make this ‘reality’ show a little different.  In a moment of sheer brilliance, these visionaries decide on a Bisexual quest for love.  It’s never been done before, right?   The ‘reality’ show consists of 30 men and 30 women, all competing to ‘win’ Tila’s icy, bloodless heart. 

First off— Myspace celebrities creep me out.  They havent done anything but a LOT of posing, and some creative page design.   There’s something about them that feels …almost not human.  And gross.  Like the Olson twins.  But  even if Paramount created the Olson twins, at least they went out and worked for it.  They logged off.  They never even logged on.

Second— MTV joining forces with Myspace celebrities.  Talentless famewhores unite!

Third— The recent reunion show for season 2.  “A Shot Too Many”   You know, it’s hard to lose fans and viewers by being a b*tch on national tv.  Usually it works the other way around. 

Anyone else catch the reunion?  (I did, ONLY because the station happened to be on MTV when i turned it on for some background noise.)

Thoughts on this phenomenon? 



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  1. KimberRae says:

    Wow–I didn’t realize she came exclusively from MySpace.  I only caught a part of an episode early on in the first series and was a little baffled–could they have found a trashier woman to auction off? 
    Sigh…what happened to the MTV of my childhood…
    On another note…I’m also baffled by the Bret Michaels show–I know that show has to be in a second or third season…so what exactly did the first season winner get if he’s still making new shows with new groups of women?  Maybe I’ve missed something…never actually watched it…am just confused by the commercials. 

  2. dollface_79 says:

    I think the next season should be called A Shot of Barrel Scraping with MTV.  Watch this season as MTV crawls into a hotub of Flavor of Love rejects and forces them to drink the vomit of Tila Tequila all while Bret Michaels screws the new intern to a cheesy acoustic version of his new “hit”.  It’s an instant classic.
    I agree completly…WTF happened?
    When did reality come to mean scripted for her pleasure…I swear in some of the “scenes” you can see their brains furiously straining to read the cue cards glued to the underside of Brett Michals cowboy hat.  What’s under that bandana anyway?
    But, The Hills, that’s totally real.  If real is Monday morning read-throughs and Thursday evening rehearsals, What? You don’t get second takes in your life?  Sucks to be you.

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