“What does he do?”  “Oh, he’s lots of different stuff.”  “Like what?”  “He’s an artist.”  “He’s unemployed?”  *silence*  “Yeah.”  –actual conversation between Simone and I, 2006


I’ve always aspired to be a writer; I’ve written for enjoyment since elementary school.  I love it, plus I’m good at it.   Most of all:   writing is safe.  There’s nobody to disappoint; no rules….it’s far more acceptable for a project to be ‘in progress’ for an undetermined amount of time.  I can always fall back on it; abandon the pieces that got boring or dull; and start new exciting endeavors. 

One can be awesome at something  that is hard to do.  Believe it and embrace the possibilities.    It’s life. 

Public speaking sends me into anxiety attacks.   In my mind everyone in the room is thinking unfavorable thoughts about me.   However, the best presentation I ever gave was about ……   SOCIAL ANXIETY.  Our psychology teacher asked we include an example, and for one overzealous moment I entertained the idea of running out of the classroom mid-way through the powerpoint slide show.    hehe.  My worst presentations were in Communications/Public Speaking class.   Being graded on actual public speaking instead of a topic was terrifying.    Adding insult to injury, Professor Clements videotaped everything so I could watch myself look like an ass after experiencing it first hand, then write an evaluation of myself in such a tragic display of  full-blown snowballing awkwardness. 

Later in the year Professor C told me she never before would have guessed I wasn’t comfortable being in the limelight. 

Massage Therapy is another thing that makes me nervous.  The fear is just something to get over, because who am I helping by rejecting a skill out of unfamiliarity?  

Would love to know others experiences on today’s blog. 


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  1. Otto Mann says:

    It sounds cliche, but it’s all in your mind when it comes to public speaking.

    I have a bit of stage fright and I especially get freaked out having to make eye contact with people when I’m up there.

    But I figure, if I ACT like I’m confident then everything should turn out okay.

    And it usually does.

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