10 Guilty Pleasures

I’m all about sensations and feeling good. Below are my top ten guilty pleasures. What are YOURS?

10. Nachos.
Processed cheese all the way! Shredded cheese is fine too but there’s just something about cheap movie theatre/7-11 nachos that hits the spot. I limit my consumption of nachos to once every few months.

9. Weed
Sorry, but I don’t care if you think it’s a drug. Guess what, so is your coffee. The truth is, marijuana is great for me. It enhances my experiences. I smoke it whenever I want a different state of mind/relaxation.

8. Self-help books
I usually don’t read them, just order off Amazon and get excited about free 2 day shipping. Let’s be honest, self help books feel like the right thing to do to self improve. But they are usually long winded and boring once you own the book. So this puts the act of self improvement on the guilty pleasures list, coming in at #8.

See? Number 9 AND 10, together!

7. True Crime TV shows.
For christ’s sake! What is wrong with me!? I should be watching other things besides premeditated/passion murders as I drift off to sleep at 2 or 3 am. But at the same time, I’m intrigued by human nature and mystery. On the bright side, if a guy ever asked me to write him in/sign/edit my life insurance policy, I’ll know what’s up.

6. Hipstamatic
Many photography apps are available for the iPhone, but I’m a little bit in love with Hipstamatic. You get to choose the style of flash, film, and lens. So whenever I’m feeling creative on the go, I play around.




5. Spending time in bed
(by myself. Unfortunately.)
I love my bed. Sometimes I am afflicted with a condition that leaves me unable to move from my luxurious queen sized bed for hours at a time. “Bed gravity” is fierce. Everything is better in bed: eating, reading, tv, Internet! If you’ve never experienced chronic bed gravity, you may assume I’m just lazy! And besides, I’m not impressed with you “morning people” anyhow. What time u find appealing to face the world, is not the same as ambition. Night owls unite!

4. Bar hopping all day
Some days are best spent at a comfy bar in sexy non-flourescent lighting. If the music is good, that’s a plus but the atmosphere is all that really matters.  Find a bar where you feel comfortable, and you will always have a place to go.  I used to patronize a little hole in the wall out in Fall’s Church, VA, called “Sign of the Whale.”  It has since closed.  The burgers were awesome, the lighting was soothing, everyone was laid back, and even the liquor tasted better.


One of my favorite guilty pleasures is listening to music by the Dyslexic Speedreaders.   DS is made up of Andre Legacy, Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, and Beardo.  Before they broke up, they released a free mixtape called Shoot to Kill, which has some of the best party songs ever.

2.  Mickey Avalon

Dirty, oversexualized, drug-infused.  Without a doubt, the best in the business.  His clever lyrics give me something to think about, and his beats are straight up sick.  I always feel better when I’m listening to the Ave.

1.  Surfing the Internet

The amount of time I’ve spent on the internet since 1995 is disturbing.  A lot of time I read celebrity gossip.  Entertain me.  And I will always come back.

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