Every day


I think of you every day.
At 80 years old, you lived more than I did at age 25. 
Please forgive me for not being there when you passed away.
Your legacy lives and breathes
every day
What would you think of me?
Would you laugh
or shake your head
can’t bear the thought of dissapointing you
If you’re looking down
When you’re looking down
I won’t take it for granted
like you’ve seen me do before
Please see the good parts
selfish lost in my head
Your love beats hope into my heart
Is it bits of you you see?
We didn’t talk enough
But you are so big inside of me
I hope you smile
You make me smile
Every day


One Comment Add yours

  1. Xlloe says:

    This was a sweet poem ❤ I really enjoyed it. Probably because I can relate

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