So what do you want to do with your life?


*echo*your life, your life, your life??? *echo*

Ah, the National Certification Exam.  For a potentially certified  massage therapist, it is the test of all tests.  No matter how good one is with their hands, it all comes down to the comprehension and memorization of detailed anatomy and physiology.  

Suprise, surprise:  we don’t sit around and study lotion for the 600 hours of massage therapy school.    After successfully graduating, we must become nationally certified and state licensed.  Both require a seperate exam.   I took the national exam last March and did not pass.  It’s pretty easy to fail the exam.  Hence the 75% failure rate. 

It is no wonder why so many therapists eventually throw up their hands in frustration and  operate under the radar.   Unless, of course you live in one of the states that do not require certification and licensing.  Such as:  Hawaii and West Virginia.   Hawaiin massage, lomi lomi,  has a very interesting history of resisting the ‘systemization’ of massage therapy.

When I enrolled in massage school, I decided to stick this venture out till the end.  I am infamous for starting projects and then not giving a shit.  Not with this.    Therefore I obligate myself to many hours of studying between now and the end of July. 

All I know, is I want a job I enjoy 80% of the time, instead of the 5% of enjoyment I experience being a Federal Government worker.  It is the most detail-oriented hell for a person like myself.   I don’t want to work a set schedule or just be one of the many drones showing up at the same time and leaving at the same time every. single. day.

Hell to the no.

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  1. ruhee says:

    i feel the same way.
    i signed up for the most rigorous college preparation course and now i’m halfway through it but it’s so hard that i don’t have any motivation to finish it. i cant just drop it either because i’ve already done it for a year. and its not just that its hard, but that after i get done with this really hard program, there’s only going to more work in university!
    i really need to study for my exams but every time i try i just wind up sitting there and staring at the book, not absorbing anything.
    so, if you have any ideas on motivation, please write to me.
    p.s. i really love your inspirational art series.

  2. 79sparrows says:

    Hey Ruhee–
    I have some suggestions — where can i message you?

  3. ruhee says:

    i’d really like to hear them,
    my midterms are almost over and the exams are close!
    and i still havent started
    its scary
    you can contact me on my

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