The next hit. The next drink. The next cigarette. The next high.
These are the things we live for, and these are the things that destroy us. There are so many highs that it gets confusing when we are real. And the people we hold our lives up for. They still control us even after they have long gone. The looks, the words, how bright the sun was shining that day.. All this time we waste on addictions and obsessions and infatuations and memories and hurts of yesterdays long gone.
And time goes by and we realize the ones that were there right beside us the entire time we were so hung up on everything else were the ones we should have thought about. The ones that were there to have fun and replace the wantings of yesterday, the ones to help us move on… heal us up. Looking behind you will miss what is beside you and in front of you, and there is alot there. Yesterday does not make you smile today, does not promise you jack shit, and thank god its yesterday….

  I bought some cheap picture frames
To throw your photos on the wall
I’m stuck in the house
The snow continues to fall
I had a dream about you last night
Your face is getting blurry
I lost all faith in you
It feels so good
To watch you fade
It took a while
For you to dissapear in my mind
I’m not sad
It was meant to be
To have you/So far from meOne day you will know

And then you got away, didn’t you babe…I don’t mean to suggest that I loved you the best, I can’t keep track of each fallen robin. I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel, that’s all, I don’t even think of you that often. – “Chelsea Hotel,” L. Cohen.

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