Finally Friday

If you didnt notice, I changed my WordPress design.  Hope it doesnt confuse everyone.  I worry about these things you know.  Note that “leave comment” is right under the date at the top of each new post.  Whenever I see I have new comments, it brightens my day, it’s magical.

Just returned from a 2 hour adventure transporting legal documents to Washington DC.  I took the Metro, and yes, it sucked.  One, because it’s 95 degrees outside, and two, because I hate public transportation.  It may be more environmentally healthy, but try being a freak magnet for a few years and see if you don’t want to avoid situations like that. 

This is my vehicle:


That’s right.  It’s a Jeep Wrangler. 
I wanted a jeep since I was 14:  while at the gas station with my mother, a bunch of hot army guys pulled up in a red one, one of the guys wore a matching red bandana, and they were sooooo cool to me.  You know how it is at 14, it’s a pretty awful year. 

So I didnt have my own till age 28 or so.  And when I found one that wasn’t too expensive (jeeps are awesome and last forever; hence they dont lose much of their resale value), I hustled to make it happen.  Nevermind that I couldnt drive a stick!  I would learn dammit!  And I did, and Sue has been an absolute pleasure to drive. 

I’m gonna end this post on a good note and display one of my favorite pics from one of my favorite places, especially in spring/summertime:

Solomon's Island, Maryland

And yes, this is from  my very own camera.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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