Just Because

I have a few things to get off my chest.  So instead of paragraphs,
I offer you unstructured prose
Hang in there, it’s not as bad you as you imagine.
So much is on your mind.
It’s the same situation
in my neck of the woods too.
Watching the weak and ignorant react,
Seeing the smart ones, armed
subtle tactics like indisputable logic or seductive suggestion.
Ah, I like you.

The train keeps running,

And you keep riding
And you keep hoping
the driver of this machine
remembers who’s wearing the trousers

There’s only so much you can really be “prepared” for.
Travel, traffic, and weather.  Picking out the next day’s clothes to wear.
And even those things are unpredictable bastards
So dont worry, You don’t have to.

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