day from hell

So what’s it like working for a man who could screw up a one car funeral?

Let me tell you.   It’s 8:51pm, August 29th?  I think.  Anyways, it feels like 8:51 AM TOMORROW, on account of my office job sucking the very life & spirit out of me.  My job is excruciatingly mind-numbing in general, but today’s events took it to a whole new level. 

I spent the day, the whole day (no f’ng off on the internet, for real), editing  one hundred or so powerpoint slides.   This powerpoint presentation is for a workshop my office will be teaching some data analysts abroad.    It’s something that should be in someone’s packed suitcase by now.  But, no.  My boss, the statistician, has made an detailed-oriented ordeal out of a task that in a normal office, would be quite easy to finish.  

After I spent all day in a anal retentive hell,-  editing every last slide to an inch of insanity, to 24 point arial, 11pt paragraph spacing, red square bullets, black square bullets (for anything deemed ‘subordinate’ to the red square bullet), bold red 24 pt arial headings, precise black font arrows indicating co-cohort componets in data programs (what the hell does that mean?),  removal of hanging indents, even I couldnt believe that I’d given my best, my all!!! to finish this powerpoint TODAY.  

I just wanted this thing out of my life to be honest.  And I tried my damndest to make my OCD-micromanager happy.  Let me tell you-no one who knows me would describe me as “detail-oriented.”  Infact, my friends and familly would get a good laugh at that.   So  imagine my disgust when he returned to my desk after reviewing the perfectly fine powerpoint to say he “was not happy” with my work.

It appears some slides have a paragraph spacing of .09pt when he prefers a .11pt!   And he wants the beginning of  every sentence to line up perfectly to the red line at the top of the page.  And sentences must end at the end of the red line too.    These items are all things NO ONE ELSE in the WORLD would notice.    A student would be thinking about the CONTENT and not notice a .1 size difference in spacing between paragraphs from one slide compared to another!

He’s NUTS!  My boss is NUTS.


I’m in hell.  Get me out of here.

must go drink.

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