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 “All I wanted was to control you, myself and everything else.”– Quote on addiction


I’m 32/f , residing in Pekin, Illinois.  Wouldn’t mind hearing your take on this:
I’ve felt like shit ever since I can remember.  Amongst depression/anxiety, I also have struggled with addiction.  The past month has been the worst.  I’m stuck in a vicious cycle!  How do I even attempt to turn things around?  Sometimes I feel that “you cant teach an old dog new tricks” is true.


Hello Sally!

That rule only applies to men.  Haha!  Seriously, you CAN turn this around.  I don’t know your medical history, so first I am curious if you have ever been treated for depression/anxiety.  This seems like the base of your problems.  An unbalanced mind is an open invitation for things like self-medicating and substance abuse.  So, the first step is to make an appt so a professional can assess you.  If you have a chemical imbalance, there’s lots of options out there, you just have to make an appointment.

Second, you need to straighten out your sleep.  If you’re abusing drugs, it is messing with your entire circadian rythmn.  The only way I could ever quit smoking cigarettes was by sleeping most of the first 3 days.  I took a Benedryl to knock myself out at night and really get good sleep.  There are also teas out there and more natural homeopathic remedies to induce decent sleep. 

The reason addiction stays with you is not because you are screwed for life, or lack anything, it’s because your brain’s rewards center is hijacked.  It happens.  Combine that with depression/anxiety, and it’s no surprise you’re having a hard time getting out of this cycle. 

So the strategy:

  1. Make appt with mental health professional
  2. Regulate sleep
  3. Make a list of things you actually enjoy doing or are interested in, and start one thing off that list. 
  4. One day at a time. 

Good luck, and please keep us updated!


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